Welcome to DNSPager!

This tool lets you know as soon as your DNS propagation is completed.

DNSPager lets you know once the change is done.

Change DNS records without stress!

Instead of rerunning nslookup every other minute or using a tool like dnschecker.org to observe the propagation yourself simply wait for DNSPager to notify you.

Global observation.
DNSPager observes your DNS change globally from every major public dns providers perspective.
We will send you an email once propagation is completed or every hour to update you about the current progress.
Uptime Monitoring (coming soon).
In addition to monitoring your DNS change we will monitor your applications http status and note it for a holistic report on your dns changes impact. So in case your cloudflare config was off you'll know about it as soon as possible.
Rollback (coming later).
Based on the http status monitoring we want to offer an additional service where if we notice your application doesn't return a 2xx / 3xx status with the changed dns we can automatically rollback the change.
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This tool is Coffeeware, in short: it isn't a subscription it's a small per use payment. Want to know more?

This makes more sense to me as i assume this tool is needed so rarely that a subscription would be wasteful. If you would prefer a subscription lets talk: mail@marvinosswald.de